Download e-book for iPad: Survival Chinese: How to Communicate without Fuss or Fear by Boye Lafayette De Mente, Jiageng Fan

By Boye Lafayette De Mente, Jiageng Fan

ISBN-10: 0804845387

ISBN-13: 9780804845380

A convenient Mandarin chinese language phrasebook and advisor to the chinese, Survival chinese language comprises simple vocabulary invaluable for buying around.

This e-book includes the entire valuable phrases and words for talking Mandarin chinese language in any type of atmosphere. excellent for college kids, travelers, or enterprise humans studying Mandarin or touring to China or Taiwan, it additionally incorporates a newbie advisor to the Mandarin language, making an allowance for a deeper figuring out of chinese language than a standard Mandarin phrasebook or chinese language dictionary. The publication is
broken into 4 simple sections: universal chinese language Expressions and keywords, crucial chinese language verbal exchange instruments, chinese language shuttle Vocabulary, and making your personal sentences. All chinese language phrases and words are written in Romanized shape (pinyin) to boot phonetically, making announcing chinese language a breeze. for instance, the notice for "reservation", yuding is usually written as yuu-deeng. genuine chinese language characters also are integrated in order that relating to problems the booklet may be proven to the individual the person is making an attempt to speak with.

Key positive factors of Survival chinese language include:
Hundreds of priceless chinese language phrases and expressions.
An A-Z index which permits the ebook to operate as a English to chinese language dictionary.
Romanized kinds, phonetic spellings, and chinese language Characters (Hanzi) for all phrases and phrases.
A concise heritage and background of the chinese language language.
A entire consultant to chinese language pronunciations.
A concise consultant to utilizing chinese language tones.
A short advent to chinese language grammar.

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Indd 51 Common Expressions and Key Words 51 > I would like a window seat. Wô xiâng yào kào chuäng de wèizi. (Woh she-ahng yee-ow kow chwahng der way-dzu) ໨ཟး॓Ժ֬໑ሷè boarding time departure time baggage claim check hotel shuttle bus customs passport arrival card qîfëi shíjiän ఖ‫٭‬൏࡞ (chee-fay shr-jee-an) chügâng shíjiän Ԣ‫۝‬൏࡞ (choo-gahng shr-jee-an) xíngli (sheeng-lee) ྡྷৠ xíngli piào ྡྷৠௗ (sheeng-lee-pee-ow) lÛguân jië sòngchë ੱܽࢫ෉ӡ (lwee-gwahn jee-eh sohng-cher) hâiguän(high-gwahn) ‫ܸݡ‬ hùzhào(hoo-jow)߀ᅽ rùjìngkâ(roo-jeeng-kah)़್ࣩ > Here is my passport.

Xiùzi tài duân-le. ྶሷฅؒਛè (Shew dzu tie dwahn-ler) small best xiâo (she-ow) ཱི zuìhâo (zway-how) ቒ‫ށ‬ > This is the best (one). Zhè zuìhâo. ᆊቒ‫ށ‬è (Juh zwee-how) better gèng hâo (gurng how) ‫ށ۾‬ PERSONAL INFORMATION family name xìng (sheeng) ྦྷ > My name is George. Wô jiào George. ໨ࢨ/MWZOMè (Woh jee-ow George) > What is your name? Nî jiào shénme míngzi? indd 45 Please call an ambulance! Qîng kuài jiào jiùhùchë! What is your name? Nî jiào shènme míngzi? Full name? Xìngmíng? This is our son. Wô-men-de érzi.

Jî diân-le? 几点了? (Jee dee-an-ler) > What time shall I come? Wô gäi shénme shíhou lái? 我该什么时候来? (Woh guy shern-mer shr-how lie) > When are you going? Nî shénme shíhou qù? 你什么时候去? (Nee shern-mer shr-hoe chwee) > Where is it? Tä zài nâli? 它在哪里? (Tah zigh nah-lee) > How much (is it)? Duö shao? 多少? (Dwoh show) > How far is it? Lí zhè duö yuân? 离这多远? (Lee juh dwoh ywahn) > Which one? Nâ yï-gè? 哪一个? (Nah yee-guh) 7/1/15 1:5 38 PART ONE buy mâi (my) 买 > I want to buy this. Wô xiâng mâi zhè ge. 我想买这个。 (Woh shee-ahng my juh guh) drink (verb) hë (her) 喝 > I would like to drink something cold.

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