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By Mahbubur Rahman Syed Sharifun Nessa Syed

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Because of unawareness of the advance cycle of structures from its conceptualization to implementation, nearly 1/2 company IS initiatives are not on time or deserted ahead of of entirety. The creation of procedure research and layout ideas and their implementations have confirmed to noticeably improve the good fortune fee of approach supply. The instruction manual of study on sleek structures research and layout applied sciences and functions offers a compendium of phrases, definitions, and motives of recommendations in a number of parts of platforms and layout, in addition to an unlimited choice of state-of-the-art study articles from the field's top specialists that, jointly, show the present country of data on platforms research and layout. extra, this incisive reference resource totally contextualizes the simplest modern realizing of present and rising instruments through guiding readers in the course of the evolution of structures research and layout practices.

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Handbook of Research on Modern Systems Analysis and Design - download pdf or read online

Because of unawareness of the improvement cycle of platforms from its conceptualization to implementation, virtually half company IS tasks are not on time or deserted earlier than of entirety. The advent of process research and layout suggestions and their implementations have confirmed to seriously improve the good fortune expense of method supply.

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The deliverables of the conceptual architecture design are use case diagram, use case specification, system scope, architecture constraints and assumptions, architecture risks, user interface specification, and service access specification (API and service interface). In the logical architecture, the design is specified via the architecture diagram, subsystem responsibilities and relationships, communication diagram, activity diagram, key technology selection, architecture layering, and interoperability.

In this case, typically a heavyweight method or framework is selected as the baseline, which is further streamlined and customized to adapt to an individual domain. Another way is to combine several methods and Figure 12. Generic application platform GAP Structure System Environment Logical Architecture · · · · · Lay er /T ier A rc hit ec t ural pat t erns M V C m odel S erv ic e -orient ed C om m unic at ion prot oc ols Physical Architecture · · · · · F ail-ov er & redundanc y N et w ork bandw idt h F irew all & D M Z D is as t er rec ov ery D at a replic at ion Hardware Model · · · · · B rand and m odel (blade ) C P U , m em ory , dis k N et w ork int erf ac es S A N s t orage S erv er f arm Server Software · · · · · · W eb s erv er A pp s erv er D at abas e s erv er I nt egrat ion s erv er M iddlew are C lus t er Application Technology Application Framework · · · · · S t rut s J av a S erv er F ac es (J S F ) T apes t ry K eel , S pring R IA Software Components · · · · · J A X -W S , A x is Logging C onf igurat ion dat a X M L dat a proc es s ing A udit t rails Integration Solutions · · · · A pp c onnec t iv it y (E A I ) I nt egrat ion S erv er D at a ac c es s (D A O ) F ile t rans f er & hub / C I C S W eb S erv ic es Shared Services · · · · · · S y s t em rec ord M es s aging s erv ic es S ingle -s ignon (S S O ) D oc C ent ral R ule engine E nt it lem ent s s erv ic e Development Lifecycle Development Tools · · · · · D es ign / M odeling D ev elopm ent P rof iling & t uning C onf igurat ion m anagem ent C ode qualit y analy s is Unit Testing · · · · · C om ponent - lev el A pplic at ion -lev el S y s t em-lev el A ut om at ed unit t es t ing J U nit, H t t pU nit, X U nit , C ac t us Build & Deployment · · · · · C om pilat ion build A rc hiv e build P ac k age build A ut om at ed deploy m ent I nt egrat ed build - t es t Process & Methodology · · · · · U nif ied proc es s A gile m et hodology D ef ec t t rac k ing C hange m anagem ent E s t im at ion and c apac it y planning Nonfunctional Aspects System Management · · · · · · O perat ion proc es s M onit oring B ac k up A udit ing R eport ing E s c alat ion Security Solutions · · · · P K I / D igit al c ert I D m anagem ent S ens it iv e dat a s t orage A ut hent ic at ion & aut horiz at ion Availability& Scalability · · · · · 24 X 7 av ailabilit y I nt elligent rout ing P erf orm anc e V irt ualiz at ion & aut onom ic G rid c om put ing Best Practices · · · · · S es s ion m anagem ent I nt eroperabilit y D at a c ac hing C oding s t y le A s pec t -O rient ed P rogram m ing (A O P )  Towards a Systematic Method for Solutions Architecting Figure 13.

The stack helps avoid these misunderstandings and miscommunications. The generic architecture stack (GAS) in the TIP model comprises seven interrelated layers: Various architectures have been used in application design practices, such as application architecture, • • Last but not the least, the SWOT technique is employed to conduct a thorough analysis on all major factors and options. The analysis reveals the requirement conflicts and design constraints as well as presumptions and limitations from a particular stakeholder’s point of view.

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