Jerald G. Graeme's Designing With Operational Amplifiers: Applications PDF

By Jerald G. Graeme

ISBN-10: 007023891X

ISBN-13: 9780070238916

This easy-to-use publication may be a pragmatic reference for circuit designers and clients of operational amplifiers in lots of assorted engineering and clinical fields.

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A straightforward way to synchronize these two systems is the following two step approach. e. the two systems are identical§. Second, adjust the parameters such that the corresponding parameters in the two systems approach each other. Let us assume that the parameters in Eq. 31) are fixed. e. the first step is satisfied. When the parameters in the two systems are different, the goal in the second step is to adapt the parameters { 6 i j ) in Eq. 32) such that they approach the parameters { a i j } in Eq.

17 I f f (x, k) satisfies: for some positive definite matrix V , then x(k asymptotically stable for all q(k) if 0 5 y < 1. Proof: Let y(k + 1) = f (y (k), 5) + + + 1 ) = f (x(k),k) + q(k) is + ~ ( k )It's . clear that oo. By the positive definiteness of V this implies which vanishes as n that Ilx(k n) - y(k n)ll + 0 as n + m. Therefore, a sufficient condition for x(k 1) = f (x(k), k) to be asymptotically stable is Lipschitz continuity off with Lipschitz constant less than 1. 12 are also valid for the discrete-time case.

Synchronization in Two Coupled Chaotic Systems the transmitfed signal -----I Fig. 14 Synchronization of two different systems. The one-port Nz can be dynamic or resistive. -----. the transmitted signal Fig. 14 redrawn when the one-port N2 is a linear capacitor in series with a nonlinear resistor. 61 + v l and fz -t 22 as t -t m. tonornous systems with a similar topology, for instance Chua's oscillator (Appendix D). The reader is referred to [36] for more details including experimental results. 4 Synchronizing nonautonomous systems as communication systems We have shown how two nonautonomous chaotic systems can be synchronized without the need to explicitly phase-lock the forcing in the two systems.

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