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The limiting bending moment on a stocky beam is the plastic moment (analogous to the squash load of a strut). The behaviour of beams and compression members is considered in detail in chapters 3 and 4 respectively. 2 Local instability The elements (webs and flanges) composing a steel section are relatively slender; that is to say they have a thickness which is small in relation to their width and length. It is therefore possible for a web or flange to buckle prematurely at a load lower than that for the cross section considered as a whole causing a local buckle to form.

In many cases the most straightforward will be the cheapest because contractors may be wary of any unusual or novel structural system; in this way a price restraint is put on innovation. One point which must be made is that solutions aimed at using the smallest amount of material (minimum weight designs) are very often not the most economical. 1 Safety There are in practice two aspects of a structure which are not easily quantified: the strength of the materials from which it is constructed and the magnitude of the loads which it must resist.

All elements subject to compression are compact elements. Compact cross-sections can develop their full plastic moment capacity but rotation of the plastic hinge may be restricted by local buckling thus making plastic design impossible. Class 3 Semi-compact cross-sections. All elements subject to compression are semicompact elements. Semi-compact sections can attain the design strength at the extreme fibres but the full plastic moment may not develop because of local buckling. Class 4 Slender cross-sections.

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