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114. The recirculation loops and their support systems should be redundant so as to satisfy the single failure criterion, and they should be spatially separated so as to reduce the potential for common cause failure. The devices at which suction takes place should be designed to minimize cavitation and to prevent the ingress of foreign material (such as thermal insulation), which could block or damage the recirculation system. 115. To avoid the clogging of screens and filters, special care should be taken in the design of piping, component insulation and the intake screens and filters themselves, and consideration should be given to the behaviour under accident conditions of organic paints and coating materials.

The panels should open reliably and should have an adequate flow area. The vacuum system should be capable of maintaining the vacuum at the design value. The design of the pressure relief valves should be such as to ensure that: — The vacuum building is isolated from the pressure relief duct in normal operation; — In the event of any pipe break in the reactor coolant system, a sufficient flow area is opened to prevent pressurization of the reactor buildings and the relief duct beyond their design pressure; — The overpressure can be relieved fast enough to keep radioactive releases from the containment below specified limits; — A sufficient filtered vent flow of a controllable nature is provided to return the containment promptly to operation at subatmospheric pressure.

The heat removal capacity of the cooling water supplied to the air coolers should be such as to preclude boiling on the coolant side. In addition, the cooling water system for the air coolers should be designed to allow the resumption of cooling water flow following a temporary interruption to that flow. 98. Containments of a design with a suppression pool system are divided into two separate compartments called the dry well (which contains the reactor) and the wet well (which contains the suppression pool).

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