Download e-book for kindle: Debugging with GDB: the GNU source-level debugger by Richard M. Stallman, Roland Pesch, Stan Shebs

By Richard M. Stallman, Roland Pesch, Stan Shebs

ISBN-10: 1882114779

ISBN-13: 9781882114771

Stallman R.M. Debugging with gdb.. the GNU source-level debugger (FSF, 2000)(ISBN 1882114779)

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You may start gdb with its arguments, if any, in an environment of your choice. If you are doing native debugging, you may redirect your program’s input and output, debug an already running process, or kill a child process. 1 Compiling for debugging In order to debug a program effectively, you need to generate debugging information when you compile it. This debugging information is stored in the object file; it describes the data type of each variable or function and the correspondence between source line numbers and addresses in the executable code.

A catchpoint is another special breakpoint that stops your program when a certain kind of event occurs, such as the throwing of a C++ exception or the loading of a library. 3 [Setting catchpoints], page 38), but aside from that, you can manage a catchpoint like any other breakpoint. ) gdb assigns a number to each breakpoint, watchpoint, or catchpoint when you create it; these numbers are successive integers starting with one. In many of the commands for controlling various features of breakpoints you use the breakpoint number to say which breakpoint you want to change.

It also resets the controlling terminal for the child process, for future run commands. For example, tty /dev/ttyb directs that processes started with subsequent run commands default to do input and output on the terminal ‘/dev/ttyb’ and have that as their controlling terminal. An explicit redirection in run overrides the tty command’s effect on the input/output device, but not its effect on the controlling terminal. When you use the tty command or redirect input in the run command, only the input for your program is affected.

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Debugging with GDB: the GNU source-level debugger by Richard M. Stallman, Roland Pesch, Stan Shebs

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