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By J. Chandra, A.C. Scott

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C:t:> +1 N ~ Complex Voltages, Series & Differential E Terms E t = V(ER)r + (Ex)r Ot = tan- l [(±Ex)t/(ER)t] (ER)t = (E 1 cos 0 d + (E2 cos ( 2 ) - -- + (En cos 0 n) (±Ex)t = [El Sin(±Ol~ + [E2Sin(±02~ + [En sin(±8n~ Et = V(ER)r + (Ex)r 8 t = tan- l [(±Ex)t/(ER)J (ER)t = (El cos 0 d - (E2 cos ( 2 ) (+Ex)t = [El sin(+8l~ - [E 2 sin(±02)] (ERECT)t = (ERECTh + (E REC T)2 ---+ (ERECT)n ERECT = ER ± jEx = ER + (±Ex) j (ERECT)t = ~ER)l + (ERh ---+(ER)n] + ~+EX)l +(±Exh---+(±Ex)n] j (ERECT)t = (ERECT)l - (ERECTh ERECT =ER ±jEx =ER + (±Ex)j (ERECT)t = [(ER)l - (ER)~ + ~+EX)l - (±Exh]j ENotes:

USA) OF F, Fn-See-NF (Noise Figure) Fp-See-pf (power Factor) 57 gG Conductance Definitions and DC Formulas, Mutual Conductance G = Symbol for conductance. G = The ease with which direct current flows in a circuit at a given potential. The ease with which alternating current at a given potential flows in a purely resistive circuit. The reciprocal of resistance in any purely resistive circuit. The reciprocal of a pure resistance in parallel with other elements. The real part of admittance. The reciprocal of the equivalent parallel circuit resistance in a series circuit.

5ll) CD Q. 22) CD Q. Q. 3 meters per second @ 25° C ® Also has secondary resonances @ 2fr, 3fr, 4fr, 5fr, etc. @) Also has secondary resonances @ 3fr , 5fr , 7fr , etc. 7v'd/V V = d(1948. 7/fr ] 2 d = V[fr /1948. 285A t c. 0. 0 «2 ~

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