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By J. Geiss (auth.), Dr. Gerhard Klare (eds.)

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The annual assembly of the Astronomische Gesellschaft in Cologne, June 1988, featured wide reports of the chemical methods suitable to astrophysics. The twelve contributions to this publication, written via specialists from the united states, united kingdom, France, Belgium, Switzerland and Germany, deal intensive with the chemistry of comets and meteorites, of stars and their shells, of the interstellar medium and galaxies. A entire evaluate of nucleosynthesis and stories on observations around off an up to date presentation of cosmic chemistry.

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In the summary chapter a list of unsolved problems is presented which is related to the existence and the formation of chemical abundances in stars. II. Methods of Abundance Determination The concept of metal abundances (where metal refers to everything heavier than helium) has emerged from the early attempts to determine the abundances of elements in stars. These spectrum analyses focussed on Galactic disc and more or less unevolved halo stars and, consequently, revealed a rather uniform distribution of abundances with respect to the Sun.

07E+05 3388 64565 35 2951 282 13183 7943 1. 21E+06 2344 50119 457 1122 21 120 11. 55 1. 14 1. 04 1. 95 1. 97 1. 01 1. 91 1. 41 1. 05 1. 63 1. 05 1. 86 1. 92 1. 94 1. 08 1. 33 1. 37 +-32 % 1. 13 1. 73 1. 90 1. 47 1. 63 1. 66 1. 69 1. 27 1. 97 1. 05 1. 1 Sources of data:Orgueil: [36] ,except An [30] ,Jo [10] ,JP [37] , Ra [31 ] . 10 2 o-solar abundances; • -CI 10rgueil) Fi g. 5: Compari son of CI abundances wi th those of the so 1ar photosphere for refractory elements. Only elements with well determi ned solar abundances are plotted (see Table 3).

G. calcite vs. forsterite) show large differencies in oxygen isotopic composition; that excludes a common source of oxygen for these components. Despite the chaotic nature of these meteorites their chemistry is surprisingly well defined and reflects average solar system composition. Literature: 1. A. E. Morfi 11: In Meteorites and the Early Solar System, ed. F. S. Matthews (University of Arizona Press, Tucson, Arizona 1988) p. 329 49 2. J. T. H. Freeman and Company, New York 1985) p. 250 3. J. B.

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