Comparing and Merging Files with GNU diff and patch by David MacKenzie PDF

By David MacKenzie

ISBN-10: 0954161750

ISBN-13: 9780954161750

This guide describes the best way to examine and merge documents utilizing GNU diff and patch. evaluating and merging documents is a typical task for software program builders. those courses make it effortless to discover and observe alterations. GNU diff is a part of the GNU diffutils package deal, a whole set of courses for dealing with adjustments among teams of records. GNU patch permits those alterations to be allotted in a good layout. it is a published replica of the offical GNU diffutils handbook. It files all of the diffutils courses (diff, cmp, sdiff, diff3), plus GNU patch. GNU diff and patch are loose software program. for every replica of this guide bought, $1 might be donated to the loose software program starting place.

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The printf conversion specification can be ‘%d’, ‘%o’, ‘%x’, or ‘%X’, specifying decimal, octal, lower case hexadecimal, or upper case hexadecimal output respectively. After the ‘%’ the following options can appear in sequence: a series of zero or more flags; an integer specifying the minimum field width; and a period followed by an optional integer specifying the minimum number of digits. The flags are ‘-’ for left-justification, ‘’’ for separating the digit into groups as specified by the LC_NUMERIC locale category, and ‘0’ for padding with zeros instead of spaces.

You can think of this as subtracting older from yours and adding the result to mine, or as merging into mine the changes that would turn older into yours. This merging is well-defined as long as mine and older match in the neighborhood of each such change. This fails to be true when all three input files differ or when only older differs; we call this a conflict. When all three input files differ, we call the conflict an overlap. diff3 gives you several ways to handle overlaps and conflicts. You can omit overlaps or conflicts, or select only overlaps, or mark conflicts with special ‘<<<<<<<’ and ‘>>>>>>>’ lines.

S’ Silently copy common lines. ‘v’ Verbosely copy common lines. This is the default. The text editor invoked is specified by the EDITOR environment variable if it is set. The default is system-dependent. Chapter 10: Merging with patch 53 10 Merging with patch patch takes comparison output produced by diff and applies the differences to a copy of the original file, producing a patched version. With patch, you can distribute just the changes to a set of files instead of distributing the entire file set; your correspondents can apply patch to update their copy of the files with your changes.

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Comparing and Merging Files with GNU diff and patch by David MacKenzie

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