New PDF release: Code Quality: The Open Source Perspective

By Diomidis Spinellis

ISBN-10: 0321166078

ISBN-13: 9780321166074

The publication is filled with hard-won event solid properly into prose. it is a very priceless learn. the writer does not turn away from explaining tricky or complicated techniques, the place priceless, and every element is illustrated with instance code from actual systems.

For instance, the bankruptcy on Maintainability opens with 4 attributes of a maintainable procedure (from ISO/IEC 9126-1:2001) that truly struck a chord with me.

Analysability: discovering the positioning of an errors or the a part of the software program that has to be analysed
Changeability: enforcing the upkeep swap at the system's code
Stability: now not breaking whatever throughout the change
Testability: Validating the software program after the change

I recognize maintainable code whilst I see it -- it has a definite feel... Up earlier notwithstanding i have frequently struggled to specific that feeling to non-programmers, or even extra importantly, to much less skilled colleagues.

Highly recommended.

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36 37 Other conventions for expressing ranges (for example, indicating the first and the last element in the range) are not wrong but can be confusing and can lead to errors that are difficult to locate and test. 8 Do Java's Iterator hasNext and next methods form an asymmetric range interface? If so, in what sense? 9 In the Basic language, the FOR statement will process both the first and the last numbers specified. Also, in Basic programs, counting often starts at 1 instead of 0. Are these two conventions related?

For marking a class's elements, we can use annotations in Java and attributes in C#; in other languages, we may have to resort to simple comments and manual inspections or a custom-made verification tool. As an example, in the Designer class, we could mark the elements that should be included in the output of the class's toString method with the annotation @StringPart. We would then annotate the class's members that should be included in the toString output with @StringPart and implement the class's toString method using Java's reflection capabilities.

24 Locate in the book's source code collection ten integer expressions involving both division and multiplication, and examine whether the ordering of the operands can be improved. 5. Concurrency and Timing Problems Writing code whose elements are executed asynchronously—through multiple threads, interrupts, or explicit parallelism at the hardware level—can be devilishly hard. Edsger W. Dijkstra detailed in a lecture how numerous of his colleagues repeatedly came to him with solutions to the problem of having two processes share a single critical section using atomic read and write operations that were patently or subtly wrong [Dij01, pp.

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