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CMOS Circuits guide is a user’s consultant for CMOS. The publication emphasizes the sensible features of CMOS and offers circuits, tables, and graphs to additional relate the basics with the functions.
The textual content first discusses the fundamental ideas and features of the CMOS units. The succeeding chapters aspect the categories of CMOS IC, together with basic inverter, gate and common sense ICs and circuits, and intricate counters and decoders. The final bankruptcy offers a miscellaneous number of dozen precious CMOS circuits.
The e-book may be valuable to researchers and pros who hire CMOS circuits of their paintings, reminiscent of useful layout engineers.

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23. 24 shows the symbol and truth table of a two-input EX-NOR gate. This logic element is equal to an EX-OR gate with an inverted output. It gives a high output only when both inputs are identical, and is very useful in logiccomparator applications. 25 shows details of the two best known CMOS EX devices, the 4070B quad EX-OR gate and the 4077B quad EXNOR gate. Schmitt inverters and gates CMOS inverters and gates are generally intended to be driven by logic signals that are in either the fully high (logic-1) or fully low (logic-0) states.

1. Switch biasing A CMOS bilateral switch can be used to switch or gate either digital or analogue signals, but must be correctly biased to suit the type of signal being controlled. 3 shows the basic ways of activating and biasing the bilateral switch. 3(b)) the bilateral switch can be used with a single-ended supply, with F s s to zero volts and K D D a t a positive value equal to (or greater than) that of the digital signal (up to a maximum of + 18 volts). 3 Basic methods of turning the bilateral switch on and off (a), and power connections for use with (b) digital and (c) analogue in/out signals maximum.

26 The CMOS amplifier can be used in a variety of linear inverting amplifier applications. Three typical examples are shown here: (a) x 10 inverting amplifier (b) unity-gain four-input mixer (c) integrater 400 7UB circuits 29 v+ R I μ-, out T i R x — 1 I 1 r—: crystal ^rPH 1-270 kß 10 ΜΩ 4* 20-100 pF J. 27 shows the typical range of values). 27(b). If desired, the output of the crystal oscillator can be fed directly to the input of an additional CMOS inverter stage, for improved waveform shape/amplitude.

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