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A complete assessment advisor that will help you refresh your examine. This advisor is very invaluable for midterms and ultimate checks, condensing a semester's worthy of data into one concise quantity.

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Various substances can be exported into the external environment by exocytosis. In exocytosis, substances are packaged in vesicles that merge with the plasma membrane. Once they merge with the membrane, their contents are released to the outside. In an opposite kind of procedure, food and other substances can be imported by endocytosis. In endocytosis, the plasma membrane encircles the substance and encloses it in a vesicle. When a question has two or more parts, you should separate your answers and identify the parts.

The fatty acid tails represent a hydrophobic region of the molecule, while the glycerolphosphate head is hydrophilic. The phospholipids are arranged into a bilayer formation with the hydrophilic heads pointing to the outside and the hydrophobic tails pointing toward the inside. As a result, the plasma membrane is a barrier to most molecules. In plants, fungi, and bacteria, the membrane deposits cellulose or other polysaccharides on the outside of the membrane to create a cell wall. The cell wall provides support to the cell.

2. The hereditary material in prokaryotes exists as a single “naked” DNA molecule without the proteins that are associated with the DNA in eukaryotic chromosomes. 3. Prokaryotic ribosomes are smaller (70S, with 50S and 30S subunits) than those of eukaryotes (80S, with 60S and 40S subunits). 4. The cell walls of bacteria, when present, are constructed from peptidoglycans, a polysaccharide-protein molecule. 5. Flagella, when present in prokaryotes, are not constructed of microtubules. Movement of Substances Various terms are used to describe the movement of substances between cells and into and out of a cell.

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