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Chapter 1 Chairman's beginning comments (page 1): A. Albert
Chapter 2 Ring?Opening Reactions of Pteridines (pages 2–34): E. C. Taylor
Chapter three The Alkylation of Pteridines (pages 35–48): H. C. S. Wood
Chapter four The aid and Reoxidation of a few 8?Substituted Pteridines (pages 49–61): Gertrude B. Elion
Chapter five The Monosubstituted Pteridines (pages 62–73): D. J. Brown
Chapter 6 a few features of the Ultraviolet Absorption Spectra of the Pteridines (pages 74–92): S. F. Mason
Chapter 7 using o?Aminonitroso Compounds within the Synthesis of Pteridines and a few Analogous Ring platforms (pages 93–103): G. M. Timmis, D. G. I. Felton and T. S. Osdene
Chapter eight fresh advancements in Pteridine Synthesis (pages 104–123): John A. Carbon, Robert B. Garland, Dale R. Hoff, Charles F. Howell, William R. Sherman and E. C. Taylor
Chapter nine Chromatographic and Electrophoretic stories of Pteridines (pages 124–134): M. Polonovski, H. Jerome and P. Gonnard
Chapter 10 The structure of Urothione (pages 135–142): R. Tschesche
Chapter eleven The Pteridines of Drosophila Melanogaster (pages 143–158): Hugh S. Forrest and Herschel ok. Mitchell
Chapter 12 The structure of Fluorescyanine (pages 159–164): F. Korte
Chapter thirteen New Observations on Fluorescyanine B (pages 165–172): M. Polonovski, R.?G. Busnel, H. Jerome and M. Martinet
Chapter 14 Sulphonamide Derivatives of Pteridines (pages 173–182): Marvin J. Fahrenbach, Kenneth Collins, Martin E. Hultquist, James M. Smith and Donna B. Cosulich
Chapter 15 a few Dipyrimidopyrazines (Pyrimidopteridines) (pages 183–192): Elvira A. Falco and George H. Hitchings
Chapter sixteen Structural experiences on Pyrimidopteridines. The constitution of “Bis?Alloxazine” and “Diuracilpyridazine” (pages 193–203): E. C. Taylor, Cornelius okay. Cain and Harvey M. Loux
Chapter 17 a few Unresolved difficulties (pages 204–219): Adrien Albert
Chapter 18 Metabolic family members among P?Aminobenzoic Acid and Folic Acid in Micro?Organisms (pages 220–236): D. D. Woods
Chapter 19 The functionality of Folic Acid within the Biosynthesis of Purine and Pyrimidine Derivatives (pages 237–252): R. H. Nimmo?Smith
Chapter 20 the consequences of Folic Acid Analogues at the progress and phone department of Micro?Organisms (pages 253–271): M. Webb
Chapter 21 Antimetabolic and Antimicrobial homes of definite 2:4?Diaminopteridines (pages 272–289): H. O. J. Collier
Chapter 22 Derivatives of Condensed Pyrimidine structures as Antimetabolites (pages 290–303): George H. Hitchings, Gertrude B. Elion and Samuel Singer
Chapter 23 The organic task of Folic Acid and likely Substituted Pteridines for Tetrahymena (pages 304–313): George W. Kidder
Chapter 24 The Yellow Pigment of the Argentaffine Cells of the Mammalian Gastro?Intestinal Tract (pages 314–328): W. Jacobson
Chapter 25 The Mode of motion of Folic Acid Antagonists and the functionality of the Leuconostoc Citrovorum issue (pages 329–355): W. Jacobson
Chapter 26 the results of Folic Acid Antagonists on Embryonic improvement (pages 356–365): Ruth Bellairs
Chapter 27 stories on Pteridine Metabolism (pages 366–384): Dorris J. Hutchison and Joseph H. Burchenal
Chapter 28 a few elements of Disordered Folic Acid Metabolism in guy (pages 385–406): Ronald H. Girdwood
Chapter 29 prevalence of Hepatic Fibrosis in teenagers with Acute Leuk?mia handled with Folic Acid Antagonists (pages 407–413): Jacob Colsky
Chapter 30 Chairman's ultimate feedback (pages 414–416): W. Jacobson

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And ERICKSON, A. E. (1945). J . Amer. chem. , 67, 802. , and DECKER, P. (1941). , 547, 180. , andBuLow, M. , 507, 226. DISCUSSION ALBERT: I hope that the biochemists will join in this discussion because they can give us the best ideas of what mechanismsexist in nature for breaking down pteridines. In butterfly wings we so often pick up the half broken-down products, so it is commonly believed, of,an active celldividing substance like folk acid. While the chemists may break a very simple pteridine, much more complex ones are involved in the breakingdown processes of nature.

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