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Traveling to China yet don't understand chinese language? Taking chinese language in class yet have to kick up your dialog talents? Don't fear! this useful little phrasebook may have you conversing chinese language in no time.
Discover the right way to* Get instructions, store, and consume out* speak numbers, dates, time, and cash* Chat approximately kin and paintings* speak about activities and the elements* care for difficulties and emergencies

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Creating ordinal numbers in Chinese is quite easy. Just put dì in front of the numeral: Chapter 3: Numerical Gumbo: Counting of All Kinds 41 ߜ dì y∫ (dee ee; first) ߜ dì èr (dee are; second) ߜ dì s≈n (dee sahn; third) ߜ dì sì (dee suh; fourth) ߜ dì wû (dee woo; fifth) ߜ dì liù (dee lyoe; sixth) ߜ dì q∫ (dee chee; seventh) ߜ dì b≈ (dee bah; eighth) ߜ dì jiû (dee jyoe; ninth) ߜ dì shí (dee shir; tenth) You may need to use these examples to give directions: ߜ dì y∫ tiáo lù (dee ee tyaow loo; the first street) ߜ dì èr ge fángzi (dee are guh fahng dzuh; the second house) ߜ zuô bi≈n dì b≈ ge fángzi (dzwaw byan dee bah guh fahng dzuh; the eighth house on the left) If a noun follows the ordinal number, a classifier needs to go in between them, such as dì b≈ ge xuésh√ng (dee bah guh shweh shuhng; the eighth student) or dì y∫ ge háizi (dee ee guy hi dzuh; the first child).

Telling Time All you have to do to find out the shíji≈n (shir jyan; time) is take a peek at your shôubiâo (show byaow; watch) or look at the zh∂ng (joong; clock) on the wall. You can indicate the hour by saying 3-diân or 3-diân zh∂ng. ” Feel free to use either to say what time it is. ) 42 Chinese Phrases For Dummies Table 3-3 Telling Time in Chinese Chinese Phrase Pronunciation English Phrase 1-diân zh∂ng ee dyan joong 1 o’clock 2-diân zh∂ng lyahng dyan joong 2 o’clock 3-diân zh∂ng sahn dyan joong 3 o’clock 4-diân zh∂ng suh dyan joong 4 o’clock 5-diân zh∂ng woo dyan joong 5 o’clock 6-diân zh∂ng lyo dyan joong 6 o’clock 7-diân zh∂ng chee dyan joong 7 o’clock 8-diân zh∂ng bah dyan joong 8 o’clock 9-diân zh∂ng jyo dyan joong 9 o’clock 10-diân zh∂ng shir dyan joong 10 o’clock 11-diân zh∂ng shir ee dyan joong 11 o’clock 12-diân zh∂ng shir are dyan joong 12 o’clock When mentioning 12 o’clock, be careful!

Table 2-2 lists some common verbs. Table 2-2 Some Common Chinese Verbs Chinese Pronunciation Translation ch∫ chir to eat kàn kahn to see mâi my to buy mài my to sell rènshi run shir to know (a person) shì shir to be yào yaow to want/to need yôu yo to have zh∫dào jir daow to know (a fact) zôu lù dzoe loo to walk zuò fàn dzwaw fahn to cook Feeling tense? Le, guò, and other aspect markers Okay, you can relax now. No need to get tense with Chinese because verbs don’t indicate tenses all by themselves.

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