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Content material:
Chapter I creation (pages 1–10):
Chapter II Quinazoline (pages 11–38):
Chapter III C?Alkyl? and C?Arylquinazolines (pages 39–68):
Chapter IV Oxoquinazolines and 5?, 6?, 7?, and 8?Hydroxyquinazolines (pages 69–218):
Chapter V Halogenoquinazolines and Quinazolinyl Ethers (pages 219–269):
Chapter VI Thio? and Oxothioquinazolines (pages 270–321):
Chapter VII Aminoquinazolines (Including Aminooxo?and Aminothioquinazolines) (pages 322–390):
Chapter VIII The decreased Quinazolines (pages 391–445):
Chapter IX Quinazoline N?Oxides (Including 1?and 3?Hydroxyquinazolines) (pages 446–472):
Chapter IX Quinazoline Carboxylic and Sulphonic Acids, and comparable Compounds (pages 473–489):
Chapter IX clearly taking place and Biologically lively Quinazolines (pages 490–518):

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For 4-phenylquinazoline14 the yield was only 20%. le 105°11 and 16 hours R = H, Me or Ph C-ALkyl- and C-ArylqUina~~lines 41 A reaction which may proceed by a route simiIar to the above is the formation of 4-phenylquinazoIine, in almost quantitative yield, by heating o-aminobenzophenone with formamide and formic acid at 160". ls as shown in reaction (3). n HO. fifi -Pb Ph The hydroxy dihydroquinazoline wa9 obtained from p-toluidine or as-m-xylidine and benzyl chloride in the presence of anhydrous zinc chloride (Ch.

H o r X e (15) altered but; the steric effect was decreased by a seoond steric effect (intramolecular overcrowding) due to the &methyl group. l' (ii) Effect of substituents in position 2. Electron-withdrawing substituents in the 2-position of quinazoline decrease the amount of hydration in the cation. The ratio R, for example, is in the order 2-methyl > 2-chloromethyl > 2-dichloromethyl. This has been explained by the effect that the substituent has on the polarity of the 3,4-double bond. g. g.

Quinszoline 2 -Amino. 8-Dichloro2-chloromethyl2-Chloro-4-methyl2-cyano2-DichloromethylY-~ichloromethyl-4-methyl2-Dimethylamino- 2-Dimethylamino-4-methyl7-EthylthioB-HY~TOV~-HY&xY7-HydrOXJ'8-HyhXy2 -MethoV 4-Meth0~y2-Meth0~y-4-11lethyl2,4-DimethyI4,ti-Dimethyl2,4,5-Trimetbyl4-Methyl-2-methyldo4-Methyl-2-methylthio4-Methyl-2-t-b~tyl4-Methyl-2-trifluoromethyl%Methylamino2 -Methylthio2 -Trifluoromethyla b T h w are pK,m. values. pK, values for the aoidic group. pKesnhTa. 23 - 48 48 21 21 21 21 21 48 21 49 23 23 48 48 49 48 48 48 48 48 60 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 48 23 48 22 11 11 48 48 48 48 48 72 48 32 Chapter I1 R H.

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