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8 V. Titanium carbide has also been widely studied. 107 The oxygen reduction specific activity of Pt/TiC was superior to that of Pt/C, although this may have been influenced by the larger Pt particles deposited onto the TiC. 4 V showed gradual oxidation to TiO2, although this was not dependent on potential. 6 V. However, the overall activity was four times lower than that of an equivalent catalyst on carbon. 3 Nonconductive Whiskers A unique approach has been taken by 3M, which has developed a family of nanostructured whisker-like nonconductive materials as supports for Pt or Pt alloys.

Of these, PtRe and PtOs monolayers on Pd(111) gave enhancements of five times over Pt. 2 showed the best activity, which appeared to be a balance between enough M to give sufficient surface M-OH groups to retard Pt-OH formation and enough Pt to provide sites for O2 adsorption and turnover. 2/ Pd/C showing 20 times greater activity than Pt/C based on Pt content alone. 2)ML/Pd(111) surfaces as a function of the calculated interaction energy between two OH or OH and O. (Reprinted with permission from Journal of the American Chemical Society, 127, 12480 (2005).

2 Carbides and Nitrides Due to its wide commercial availability and its lowest electrical resistivity of any interstitial carbide (s  105 S cm–1 at 20pC), tungsten carbide has been the most studied carbide. 5 M H2SO4, despite some indications that the surface of the WC was oxidizing to semiconducting WOx. Even though the initial oxygen reduction activity of the Pt/WC was poorer than that of Pt/C, it was concluded that WC had potential to replace carbon for applications where high-voltage transients would be observed.

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