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By Ronald Kelly

ISBN-10: 078601413X

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ISBN-10: 0821753312

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The vampire curse of the Craven kin is reborn, and the population of the backwoods city of eco-friendly hole, Tennessee, stumble upon unforeseen horror as a bride activates her husband, a puppy rat develops a murderous streak, and an insane preacher slaughters his congregation. unique.

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Once the old man had broken Boyd's arm. He had gotten fed up with waiting up half the night for his unfaithful wife, and enraged, had burst into Boyd's bedroom. Bud had grabbed his son out of his bed, twisting his arm until the bone fractured. Afterward, the carpenter had been sorry, had even cried when he drove Boyd to the emergency room at Sevierville. Boyd had been eleven then and he had never told anyone what had actually happened. He claimed that he had been sleepwalking and had fallen down the cellar steps.

He stayed in four years, working for the Army Corps of Engineers, building Quonset huts and latrines. When he returned home to Green Hollow, too big and too strong to be a victim anymore, the threat had already passed. Bud Andrews was a drunken shell of a man who had abandoned his love of carpentry and exchanged it for an existence of boozing, chain-smoking, and selfpity. A year after that, Bud had been diagnosed with lung cancer. Boyd had tried to make his peace with the old man, but Bud was more stubborn sick than healthy.

A face the color of candlewax emerged from out of the darkness, a stern face that seemed vaguely familiar to the Baptist minister. Then an equally pale hand shot out and grabbed him by the throat. Wendell pulled at the man's hand, attempting to loosen his grasp, but it was no use. The elderly man's fingers were like a steel collar around his neck. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't break their hold. As Wendell gasped for breath, he saw the gentleman smile. Then he began to lift the minister off his feet.

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