New PDF release: Blood Enemy, Book 2

By Greg Cox, Kevin Grevioux, Danny McBride, Len Wiseman

ISBN-10: 0743480724

ISBN-13: 9780743480727

Sooner than UNDERWORLD, THE battle RAGED ON.... For untold centuries, a mystery clash has been waged among immortal competitors: The vampires -- ageless aristocrats with a sensual urge for food for blood and comfort. between their ranks are the dying Dealers,an elite corps of the undead sworn to the destruction in their ancestral enemies.... The werewolves -- feral warriors in a position to growing hellish beasts of unearthly energy and ferocity. as soon as the devoted servants of the vampires, the savage lycans now struggle toothand claw opposed to their former masters. all through background, the clandestine conflict has been fought within the shadows of the mortal global. And the seeds of this harmful clash have been sown some time past, while a brave lycan daredto lose his middle to a stunning vampire princess.

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Before she could draw her weapons, however, a shiny metal object came flying through the air from the rear of the park. The lemon-shaped projectile caught a glint of moonlight before plummeting to the ground right where the three lycans were standing. It exploded on impact, unleashing a sudden blast of heat and noise. Selene dived behind the concrete base of the statue. Her ears rang from the explosion, and the smell of gunpowder filled her nostrils. A grenade, she realized instantly. But who…?

She shouted boldly as, astride Lucifer, she charged into the throng of fleeing savages. Her crossbow released its deadly bolt, the silver-tipped missile lodging right between the bloodshot eyes of a shaggy male lycan. Lucifer reared up his hind legs, then brought his silver-shod hooves crashing down on lycan skulls. ” the lady commanded. ” Panicked renegades, evading Lucifer’s thunderous hooves, attempted to dart around the lady and her steed, only to ran directly into the upraised nets of the Death Dealers behind her.

Ignoring the excruciating pain in her side, Selene stood and reached for the little fingers of both giant hands. Grabbing hold of the colossal digits, she pulled herself upward until she hung suspended directly behind the polished stone globe. She swung backward, gathering momentum as she got ready to put every bit of her remaining strength into one last, desperate kick. The tip of the fiery tongue was less than a meter away when she came swinging back toward the globe, both of her legs extended before her.

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