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By Claudio Nicolini (auth.), Claudio Nicolini (eds.)

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This accomplished advisor to the biophysics of metalloproteins and the mechanisms of cost move via structures concerning them, goals to stipulate a precis of clinical effects got by way of the world-wide study lately. the amount seems to be at a time of important development in the box, whilst applied sciences derived from it are granted critical acceptance for his or her function within the improvement of biotechnology, electronics and fabric sciences.

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This ability is critical to assess the roJe of individual isozymes in drug metabolism, carcinogen activation or deactivation and also in the development of novel biocatalysts etc. (Waterman, 1994) However, the direct application of the heterologously expressed P450 proteins for the above mentioned purposes is limited at present by several factors: 1) The in vivo heterologous cytochrome P450 expression systems may not exactly reflect the pattems of xenobiotic and drug metabolism in human body due to the differences between the microorganisms and animal cells in the mechanisms, responsible for the transport and processing of cytochrome P450 substrates and products; 26 2) The expression Ievels may vary significantly depending on a particular P450 isoform: 3) The reactivity and stability ofthe heterologusly expressed cytochromes may not be sufficient enough to enable the long-term preservation of their properties; 4) the utilization of reconstituted systems requires the use of redox partner proteins and expensive reductants.

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