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By Eberhard Schnepf (auth.), Professor Dr. Walter Hoppe, Professor Dr. Wolfgang Lohmann, Professor Dr. Hubert Markl, Professor Dr. Hubert Ziegler (eds.)

ISBN-10: 3642688772

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ISBN-13: 9783642688799

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Generally, flagella move helically or in a sinusoidal wave, cilia rather strike within one plane. The ciliary shaft is straight during the effective stroke but curves in the recovery stroke. The cilia of a cell beat coordinately in a metachronal wave. Flagella and cilia comprise an axoneme of two single central microtubules and nine peripheral "doublets" (Fig. 8) which often form a steep helix. Strictly speaking, the peripheral pairs are not complete doublets, because only the subfiber A is, as normal, composed of 13 proto filaments, whereas the attached subfiber B consists of only 10 or 11 proto filaments.

Membranes are part of diverse cell organelles and have different, specific composition and function. Nevertheless, all biomembranes are principally similar; they have about the same thickness (6-10 nm), are composed predominantly of polar lipids (especially phospholipids) and proteins (see Chaps. 2), and appear three-layered in cross section (Figs. 9). In addition, they are similar in character and functions: diffusion barrier, selective permeability, active, specific transport, and, often, energy generation (Chap.

In meiosis, two nuclear divisions follow immediately; the first division is a reduction division, the second corresponds with a mitosis. In meiosis, one chromosome division is combined with a twofold spindle formation so that one diploid nucleus gives rise to four haploid ones. Moreover, in meiosis the genetic material derived from father and mother is mixed. Undoubtedly, the recombination has evolutionary advantages. Maternal and paternal chromosomes are distributed randomly and, in addition, the homologous chromosomes exchange segments.

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Biophysics by Eberhard Schnepf (auth.), Professor Dr. Walter Hoppe, Professor Dr. Wolfgang Lohmann, Professor Dr. Hubert Markl, Professor Dr. Hubert Ziegler (eds.)

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