Bioactive Natural Products (Part O) by Atta-ur-Rahman (Eds.) PDF

By Atta-ur-Rahman (Eds.)

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This quantity provides frontier studies on contemporary advancements on bioactive normal items in state of the art components through eminent specialists of their respective fields. it's a vital addition to this crucial sequence on common items Chemistry, as a rule stated to be the top sequence in this subject. . the 1st seven reports hide contemporary advancements within the box of bioactive marine typical items. . extra assurance contains Novel Domino reactions; medicinal vegetation and phytochemicals; contemporary advancements in bioactive ordinary peptides; the chemistry and pharmacology of common cyclic lipopeptides; and the organic actions of Salvia . . The textual content encompasses a entire overview of biologically lively compounds of semi-metals akin to boron, silicon, arsenic, selenium and tellurium.

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Cyclization to the tetrahydropyran diol was accomplished by treating 127 with camphorsulphonic acid in diethyl ether, followed by diol cleavage with sodium periodate to give a mixture of aldehydes 128 and 129. Upon 43 separation of the two isomers, the desired D-isomer (128) was isolated as the major product in 41 % yield over the two steps. Although the same kinetic resolution reported by McDonald [30] was not observed with our substrate, the straightforward separation of the diastereomeric aldehydes 128 and 129 rendered this methodology practical.

COZMe OBn (anomeric radical) 119 COzMe 120 40 117 120 l~ 1 Y'CO,Me OBn BnO~O\ Bno~ 118 o . B"~~ (anomeric radical) 119 Scheme 27. D-C-Glycoside methodology. 9 V (vs. Ag/AgN0 3 ) window were unreactive. We were curious to determine whether the chemistry could be extended to more elaborate coupling partners with an eventual goal being to apply it to the total synthesis of natural products containing the pyranopyran framework. Hence, the construction of synthetically useful D-C-glycosides and their conversion into cyclic ethers became of interest to us.

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