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By Robert Bruce

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This is often the amazing FIRST variation of Astral Dynamics

The first version of Astral Dynamics (the e-book you're now examining approximately) features a good deal of content material that used to be dropped from the 2009 moment variation to avoid wasting area. those are primarily rather assorted books. most folk wish either those outstanding books, so we confident Robert Bruce to supply an booklet model of the unique First variation of Astral Dynamics, with complete colour illustrations and different advancements. this primary version went out of print in 2009.

THE FIRST variation OF ASTRAL DYNAMICS - in a single interesting quantity, Robert Bruce collected jointly a private narrative, a "how-to", a troubleshooting consultant, and a theoretical point of view at the nonphysical constitution underlying the unusual and multidimensional existence all of us lead. no matter if you're a skeptic, a veteran astral projector, a beginner, or an armchair visitor, there is treasure right here. it truly is in a category on its own. What he says right here earrings precise. actually, it does much more than ring actual. It opens doorways. Astral Dynamics presents the clever and stimulated reader with every little thing had to positioned thought into perform.

The book's six elements will be learn every one all alone, yet they've been put to construct properly one upon the opposite.

Part One, "Elements of Projection", provides Robert's thought of what really is going on while the projectable astral double leaves the actual physique. This in itself, correct out of the gate, is attention-grabbing terrain. His idea of the implications of the mind-split that effects from projection is itself definitely worth the expense of the publication.

Part , "NEW strength Ways", provides his stunningly useful approach to elevating strength and expertise by utilizing contact, which he calls Tactile Imaging. i've got attempted this technique on part a dozen humans, chosen kind of at random, each one of whom acquired the specified wisdom inside seconds! after which, as though the hot approach to visualization were not sufficient, Robert proceeds to explain the character and anatomy of our power our bodies, an outline firmly rooted in his personal own explorations.

Part 3, "Core Skills", builds in this origin, demonstrating how you can be triumphant on the 3 projects which are necessary to good fortune in astral projection: deep actual rest, taming the brain, and achieving the trance country.

Part 4, "Projection go out and Technique", tells you what you must be aware of to forestall examining approximately astral projection and really do it.

Part 5, "The Akashic Connection", proceeds into the area of the theoretical, no longer for the sake of having misplaced in concept, yet with the intention to make feel of items obvious and heard. fairly fascinating is Robert's description of the character and which means of what he calls the Akashic Pulse. As to his description and research of the astral planes, the silver wire, the etheric physique, and the Akashic checklist — I doubt that those were equaled wherever within the subject's huge smooth literature. i'm convinced that they have got now not been excelled.

Part Six, "Strange Astral Phenomena", takes on a number of conundrums which are worthy exploring. Projection into better nation-states; truth fluctuations; astral noise; what Robert calls astral flora and fauna, and astral combat... he covers the turf because it hasn't been lined so far. And he does it so casually, in so unpretentious a fashion, his temper starting from private awe to casually joking, with the entire diversity between.

If you may have any curiosity in any respect within the topic of astral projection, lucid dreaming — larger cognizance generally — you are going to love this ebook. I expect that it'll turn into a vintage, learn and valued for a few years to return.

Frank DeMarco - Chairman, Hampton Roads Publishing corporation, Inc., VA.

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Robert Bruce is the writer of six groundbreaking books exploring such mysteries because the human power physique, the out-of-body adventure, Kundalini, mind's-eye imaginative and prescient, religious and psychic improvement, metaphysics, clairvoyance, and psychi

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I have frequently observed pets and other animals roaming the real-time zone. With real-time sight I have also observed my own pets as they exit their bodies — a truly fascinating sight! I rarely see animals projecting in higher levels of the astral planes, although I frequently encounter them in lower regions, with pets often accompanying their human friends. On many occasions I have also seen and interacted with deceased pets in the real-time zone (apparently visiting) and also in the spirit worlds (often called heavens) when I have visited these.

It will usually consider it has failed with its projection attempt, if one has been made, although it may have experienced many projection-related exit symptoms. It will feel tired, lethargic, and heavy, often experiencing partial or full waking paralysis, and will normally fall asleep fairly quickly. When the etheric copy of consciousness falls asleep, it appears to sink into and meld with the physical/dream mind, sharing its dream state. During conscious-exit projection, the real-time body will be vividly aware of the sensation of separating from and leaving its physical body behind.

I discovered the mind-split effect by sheer accident, during an extremely powerful projection, as told below. Subsequent experiments with the mind-split effect, sparked by this initial discovery, have since verified my original hypothesis. Once properly understood, many of the negative effects of the mind-split on OBE recall can be worked with, or worked around, instead of being suffered in ignorance. An understanding of the mind-split effect greatly improves the chances of getting out of body to start with, even for a rank beginner.

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