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By Jessica Brown, Herman Cappelen

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Statement is a basic function of language. This quantity often is the position to seem for someone drawn to present paintings at the subject. Philosophers of language and epistemologists subscribe to forces to clarify what sort of speech act statement is, fairly in mild of relativist perspectives of fact, and the way statement is ruled through epistemic norms.

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On such views, a saying is an assertion just in case it is accompanied by the relevant set of commitments—for a speaker to assert is for that speaker to undertake the right kinds of commitments. (iv) Assertion Individuated by Cause Other theorists take assertions to be the sayings that have certain causes. Bach and Harnish (1979: 42) exemplify this approach. They say that a speaker, S, in uttering u, asserts that P if S expresses: (i) the belief that P, and (ii) the intention that the hearer believe that P.

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