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All paintings is figure in development. the information built during this paintings can be (and most likely could be) built additional, revised, and multiplied. however it used to be time to jot down them down and ship them out. a few of these principles approximately linking had their origins in my 1987 dissertation. besides the fact that, this paintings has grown past the dissertation in a few very important methods. crucial of those advances lie in, first, articulating aspectual roles as linguistic items over which lexical semantic phenomena should be said, and over which linking generalizations are said; moment, spotting that syntactic phenomena might be categorised to whether or no longer they're delicate to the center occasion of occasion constitution; and 3rd, spotting the modularity of aspectual and thematic/conceptual constitution, and associating that modularity with a distinction among language-specific and common language generalizations. the 3 chapters of the e-book are prepared round those rules. i've got attempted to country those principles as powerful theses. the place they make robust predictions i've got intended them to take action, as a explore for destiny examine. i'm hoping that different researchers will soak up the problem to enquire, attempt and advance those rules throughout a much broader realm of languages than I --as one individual --can do.

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Cut at the bread in a minute The measuring properties of the direct argument, but not the indirect argument, can be reinforced by addition of a verb particle or resultative predicate: (80) a. eat the apple up b. *eat at the apple up a. cut the bread to pieces b. *cut at the bread to pieces 46 CAROL TENNY The conative construction is not limited to verbs that can take measuring arguments: (81) a. hit the fence b. hit at the fence a. shoot the cow b. shoot at the cow a. chew the cheese b. chew at the cheese But only when the event participant is represented as a direct argument can it be converted to a measuring argument by addition of a verb particle or resultative predicate: (82) a.

De Groot(1984), his source Dik (1980) Japanese: a. kabe ni penki 0 nuru wall on paint-ACC paint(VERB) smear paint on the wall b. kabe 0 penki de nuru wall ACC paint-with paint(VERB) smear the wall with paint Fukui, Miyagawa and Tenny (1985) LINKING (93) (94) 51 Igbo: a. I'ke kwara ivu na mota. Ike packed load into motor. Ike packed loads into the car. b. I'ke kwara mota Ivu. Ike packed motor load Ike packed the car with loads. Nwachukwu (1987) Berber: a. Y -ufs wyraz taduft ggwurfad. 3ms-stuff man:cst wool in pillow The man stuffed the wool into the pillow.

A. b. Ice sparkled in the branches. The branches sparkled with ice. 11) When that argument is a direct argument, as in the (b) examples, an interpretation is possible in which the entire (referent of the) argument is involved. When it is an indirect argument, as in the (a) examples, that implication is not present. These verbs do not describe delimited events: (110) a. b. a. b. Color blazed in the sky for an hour/*in an hour. The sky blazed with color for an hour/*in an hour. Dew glistened on the leaves for an hour/*in an hour The leaves glistened with dew for an hour/*in an hour.

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