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By Edwin Eames, Judith Granich Goode

ISBN-10: 0130384143

ISBN-13: 9780130384140

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R. i*t. U,bu and Rud a n d D n co n r i r u i :"R u 6 l ci r i $ i n In d i a : a i l , x r l l . o sa i . o . L l r ;b 'L n i 'ti l i c'Lonrlo oJor' Unive' i" p. t. ' H;;;', ed U ,d n r a i n w o r l l tu t'o r ' A'ca s, L ! i-tt' r - - ',r J'- ,"d ,i@ (New York: Tbols Y. Crowell Co, 1968) pp. 93_97. ir*"i". nts in ci'ies; and Jo}n ;r'L_o"tl*t. :. ,#"i,":ff 54 ]E METMNG 8F'NINC OF 55 'E out the difierence between an insider's view and an ourridcr's view. inttsidcr,, in rh; rclation to others. AttcntioD to insidos views of the ratrrre of cities from rFsidenlc ol Lagos Nigcria and Bangkot.

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