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The vast majority of facilities maintain their cells manually, with several technicians working diligently in front of biological safety cabinets. Even with the best planning, this becomes difficult to scale when some cell-handling steps must occur over the weekend. Some facilities have turned to automation to maintain their standard cell lines; taking some of the routine burden off skilled technicians and effectively achieving 24/7 operation when fully functional. An alternative approach for alleviating these logistical issues, that may be amendable to some assay, is to use assay-ready frozen stocks.

Combinatorial Chemistry High Throughput Screen, 11, 258–264. S. and Haas, H. (2005) Adding agility to your ADME/Tox screening process. Next Generation Pharmaceutical, 2005, 47–49. 7 Kola, I. and Landis, J. (2004) Can the pharma industry reduce attrition rates. Nature Reviews. Drug Discovery, 3. , Glassman, R. and Ma, P. (2003) Oncology’s trials. Nature Reviews. Drug Discovery, 2, 609–610. 9 Burdette, D. (2005) Rational robotics for ADMET screening. , USA. 10 Association for Laboratory Automation 2006: Industrial laboratory automation survey, January 2007.

2 Cell Biology The cell biology group must maintain a continuous culture of various cells, each with unique growth rates and culture conditions to supply cell suspensions or seeded cell plates for the upcoming ADME/Tox assays. It is critical that this group is able to balance all activities to produce cells and deliver “just in time” in order to maintain the optimal window of cell health and density required for the variety of assays performed by the profiling groups. To cope, cell biology groups have had to become adept at predicting demand and managing highly responsive materials supply logistics.

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