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By Remco J. Wiegerink

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This ebook has its roots in an concept first formulated by means of Barrie Gilbert in 1975. He confirmed how bipolar analog circuits can become aware of nonlinear and computational services. This prolonged the analog artwork from linear to nonlinear purposes, consequently the identify trans linear circuits. not just did this new precept let marvellous sign processing features to be safely carried out, but in addition the circuits have been easy and useful. The perennial difficulties of analog Ie layout, particularly temperature sensitivity, processing unfold, equipment nonlinearity and paracitic capacitance have been solved to a wide volume. utilizing the trans linear precept in circuit layout calls for altering your standpoint in methods. First, the grossly nonlinear attribute of transistors is seen as an asset instead of as a dangerous estate. moment, not are the indications represented by means of voltages, yet through currents. actually, the attendant voltage alterations are distorted yet, as they're very small, they're in basic terms of secondary curiosity. realizing and examining a given trans linear circuit within reason undemanding. yet what concerning the communicate state of affairs: think you are given a few nonlinear or computational functionality to enforce? how to define an appropriate translinear circuit consciousness? the final challenge of analog circuit synthesis is a tough one and is receiving a lot cognizance these days. a few years in the past, I had the chance to enquire tools for designing bipolar trans linear circuits. It became out that translinear networks have a few specific topological houses. utilizing those houses it used to be attainable to set up heuristic synthesis procedures.

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Also, the sensitivity of the circuit to device mismatches can be shown graphically. Because of its high calculation speed MTLPLOT is also very useful in the synthesis of MTL circuits. Application of the program as an interactive design tool is discussed in chapter 4. 2. TL graphs In ref [1] it was shown that with each bipolar translinear (BTL) network a linear graph [2] can be associated, termed a TL graph. g. the number of loops). For BTL networks TL graphs were also useful to derive a relation between the topology of a network and the degree of the network equation [1, chapter 4], however this is not very practical for MTL circuits due to the more complicated loop equation (2-5).

Of course, it is possible to simulate MTL circuits with conventional simulation programs like SPICE. These simulations, however generally take a lot of computation time. The major advantage of the program MTLPLOT is that the solution of an MTL loop equation is typically calculated within a few seconds and a plot of the transfer function can be shown immediately afterwards. Also, the sensitivity of the circuit to device mismatches can be shown graphically. Because of its high calculation speed MTLPLOT is also very useful in the synthesis of MTL circuits.

Transistors connected in parallel are represented by only one branch, so TL graphs do not contain parallel branches. The nodes in the graph represent the interconnections between the separate transistors. In the graph, the drain terminals are neglected, as only the topology of the translinear loop is considered. A TL graph can be directed and undirected. In a directed TL graph an orientation is assigned to the branches. In case of an n-channel transistor the orientation is chosen to be from the gate to the source of the transistor.

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