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By Lewis Spence

The main recognized compendium of knowledge at the occult and the 1st entire paintings of its sort, this quantity initially seemed in 1920. Subtitled "A Compendium of knowledge at the Occult Sciences, Occult Personalities, Psychic technology, Magic, Demonology, Spiritism, Mysticism and Metaphysics," it was once compiled via Lewis Spence, the writer of various books on folklore, mythology and occult-related topics. Its 2,500 dictionary-style entries (many of which run to numerous pages) variety from famous phrases ("abracadabra," "poltergeist," "spells," "vampire") to extra arcane subject matters, and comprise listings for ancient figures with ties to the occult similar to Nostradamus, John Dee, Mary Baker Eddy, and Catherine de Medici. An oft-cited source and a vintage of its style, this version grants to take pleasure in an rapid and lasting acceptance.

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KI dumu-tu-dad nin-á-ga1-ka-ke4 nam-ti-1a-ni-šè* a mu-na-ru 1-2) To the protective spirit of Tarsirsir, 3-9) Ur-Bau, ruler of Lagaš, child born of Nin-agala, dedicated (this object) for his (own) life. 9 Ur-Bau dedicates a stone vessel to a deity (name broken). From Girsu; = Steible Urbaba 10. COMMENTARY AO 12775 (TG 2182), fragment of stone vessel. 7 cm. Votive inscription type 1. BIBLIOGRAPHY 1936 de Genouillac, FT II p. 130 (catalogue), pl. XLI (copy) 1991 Steible, NSBW 1 p. , Ur]-Bau, ruler of Lagas, [dedicated (this object) for his (own)] life.

Iii nin-a-na-ke4 1) si ba-ni-sá-sá 2) ma-gur8-ki-ág-ga-ni 3) kar-nun-ta-è-a 4) mu-na-dím 5) kar~za-gìn-ká-sur-ra-ke4 6) mu-na-ús 7) 1ú-má-gurrbi 8) nu-bànda-bi 9) 10) KA mu-na-kéš 11) é-1ugal-na-kc4 12) sag-šè im-mi-rig7 13) dba-ú 14) munus-sa^-ga 15) dumu-an-na 16) nin-a-ni 17) é-iri-kù-ga-ka-ni Col. ), (in) the scent (of) cedars. ii 11-12) He built for (Ningirsu) his the "heptagon"; ii 13-14) the bridal gifts for Bau, iii 1-2) his lady, he arranged therein. iii 3-7) He constructed for (Ningirsu) his beloved boat (named) "Having set sail from the Lofty Quay," and he moored it for him at the "Lapis Lazuli Quay" of Kasurra.

38 centre left See Steible pp. 145-46 1 2 3 4 — 5-455 _ _ Object Brick Brick Door socket Clay cone Clay cones Lines preserved _ — 1-12 — Type of inscription Building Building Building Building Building COMMENTARY The inscription is arranged partly in one column, partly in two ( 9 + 3 lines). BIBLIOGRAPHY 1884-1912 de Sarzec, Découvertes II pl. 38 center left (photo) 1907 Thureau-Dangin, SAK p. 62d (edition) 1991 Steible, NSBW 1 pp. 145-47 (edition) TEXT Col. 4 18 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) Col. MUŠEN-bar6-bar6-ra-ni mu-na-dù ki-bé mu-na-gi4 i 9) made things function as they should, ii 1-3) (and) he built and restored for him his Eninnu, the White Thunderbird.

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