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By David Eldridge

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В этой книге предлагается краткий обзор главных культурных событий Америки в 30-х годах XX века: в области литературы и театра, музыки и радио, кино и фотографии, живописи и дизайна, а также ведущей роли федерального правительства в развитии искусств. Книга помогает понять культурные импульсы радикализма, национализма и бегство от действительности, характерные для Соединенных Штатов в 1930-е.Образцы сканов:

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By 1939 this had more than tripled, and the government’s relationship with its citizens was transformed in the process. 3 million on the WPA’s work-relief programmes. The government also underwrote unemployment insurance for twenty-six million Americans, and the first federal pensions were paid in 1940. Four million had had their property saved from foreclosure by the government’s Home Owners Loan Corporation, while banking reforms had secured the savings of millions more. Thousands of families displaced by the Dust Bowl received shelter in government camps, while the TVA brought electricity to large sections of the depressed South.

Despite such appeals, however, considerable momentum had been lost as early as 1937. Opposition among conservative Democrats and Republicans coalesced, and Roosevelt failed to get any new measures passed by the special session of Congress he called in 1937. The ‘Roosevelt Recession’ of 1937–8 caused significant loss of faith and direction as well, with the Fair Labor Standards Act of June 1938 the last New Deal reform to be inscribed into law. Even in that short time frame, though, it is difficult not to see the substantial energy and activism of the New Deal as the ‘defining event’ of the 1930s, touching far more people than the Left ever did.

18 In contrast to Communism, individuals rather than the state would own their property but, reflecting the key concerns of the Depression, redistribution would still be essential to achieve the goals of the fascist state. As Collins put it, ‘the rich . . 19 Collins was particularly impressed with Huey Long, the demagogic senator from Louisiana whose ‘Share Our Wealth’ platform called for the confiscation of large fortunes and their redistribution to every American in the form of $5,000 to purchase a home and automobile.

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