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By E. J. Holmyard

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Alchemy is believed to have originated over 2000 years in the past in Hellenic Egypt, the results of 3 converging streams: Greek philosophy, Egyptian know-how and the mysticism of center japanese religions. Its heyday was once from approximately 800 A.D. to the center of the 17th century, and its practitioners ranged from kings, popes, and emperors to minor clergy, parish clerks, smiths, dyers, and tinkers. Even such comprehensive males as Roger Bacon, Thomas Aquinas, Sir Thomas Browne and Isaac Newton got interested in alchemical matters.

In its look for the "Philosopher's Stone" that may transmute base metals into silver and gold, alchemy took on many philosophical, non secular and mystical overtones. those and plenty of different features of alchemy are explored with huge, immense perception and erudition during this vintage paintings. E. J. Holmyard, a famous student within the box, starts off with the alchemists of old Greece and China and is going directly to talk about alchemical gear, Islamic and early Western alchemy; indicators, symbols, and mystery phrases; Paracelsus; English, Scottish and French alchemists; Helvetius, cost, and Semler, and masses more.

Ranging over millennia of alchemical background, Mr. Holmyard exhibits how, like astrology and witchcraft, alchemy used to be an essential component of the pre-scientific ethical order, arousing the cupidity of princes, the blind worry of mobs and the highbrow interest of discovered males. finally, besides the fact that, with the appearance and ascension of the clinical procedure, the hopes and ideas of the alchemists pale to the prestige of "pseudo-science." That transformation, in addition to alchemy's indisputable position as a precursor of recent chemistry, are brilliantly illuminated during this e-book. scholars of alchemy, chemistry, the heritage of technological know-how, and the occult, plus a person attracted to the foundation and evolution of 1 of mankind's such a lot enduring and influential myths, may want to have a duplicate of this masterly examine.

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67 This will be the time of a making of a new people within new matter-energy bodies who will reign in other fields of glory. 68 Therefore, the teachings of Enoch tell u s of a new electromagnetic wavelength u p o n the Earth that will change the old magnetic forces of t h e body into the magnetic harmonies of the fifth, sixth, and seventh dimension, s o a s to work with t h e Higher Evolution of our local universe. 69 This is the time when the great tectonic plates of the earth will shift in relationship to specific star points a n d the body of flesh will put on the body of Light; this is the time when death shall be swallowed up in victory and reign n o more.

51 However, M a n will soon have the ability to once again assimilate the physics of the cosmic Law and understand the power of Metatron's Light which governs the outer Redemptive cycle of the Father's Love expressed through the Christ. This will b e done through the issuing of new teachings which will break the sacred seals o n the old scrolls and bring man i n t o the New Age. T h i s i s why the Book of Knowledge is being given. 52 These scrolls are the written Light pulsations which gather the consciousness sparks of the old spiral of spiritual energy which is then fused with a n e w spiral of Christ energy connected with the Light of Metatron serving the outer worlds until the Light is made perfect within the Nartoomid, the Eternal Light.

60 It was Metatron who established the Office of the Unity of Days, which allows Lords of Light and creations of Lords of Light to redeem themselves by working within the Wheel of the Law, within the Cosmic Wheel of Light. 61 Enoch, with the guidance of Metatron, created the wheel of science which brings the lower phases of life systems in and out of karmic knowledge for multiple adaptations of Divine truth. 62 Therefore, man is given the responsibility to destroy himself in the darkness or to accept the higher "Law of Lightupthe Torah Or.

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